The Russian Sleep Experiment

So, “The Russian Sleep Experiment” was an experiment supposedly put on during the late 1940’s. So, to put the story short, the people went pretty crazy. (You can read the original story don below, not for the faint of heart!) So, the question is, could have this been a real experiment? ¬†Well, the Russians did have some weird things that happened in the 1940s, specifically the experiment they did on a dogs organ and head, and how they created a machine to bring the poor dead dog back to life, you can watch the video below and read the official report on it (The report is in full Russian, so you will need to translate it). So saying that they’ve done things like that, who’s not to say they did another creepy experiment on humans? Well, sadly, this story is a little to gory to believe. I mean, do you really think after all the things like not eating and almost killing themselves, that they would be like that. This was a great story, using details that could be true like having it be in the 1940s or that the name of the gas sounded very real, this story is just so horribly gory to believe. Now some of the people put up other grat points like that the KGB didn’t exist until the 1950s and other ones too. Maybe you disagree, but I think this story is…


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Obviously zombis aren’t real right now, if they were I wouldn’t writing this blog, but would it be possible for one? Well, first off, the thought of zombies is kinda crazy. I mean, you really think a person would come back from the dead just to eat brains? Now, zombies could be true though. Back in the old days, when a group of people wanted to scare of unwanted people in a town, they would¬† use a type of poison that could make a person unconscious for a couple of days, but after a couple of days they would “come back from the dead”. Crazy as it seems, all of that is true. That was most likely the thing that started the myth. Though, there are other thoughts. Some say that old witch doctors used a combination of puffer fish poison, frog legs, and a type of plant to bring a dead person back to life. Now, these studies have been tested and seen to almost bring the brain and veins back to life, but not the real person. Another major thing is that in most zombie games/movies, the zombies want flesh. It is not confirmed why this became part of the myth, but it could happen. There is a disease/drug that will actually make you go insane and want the taste of human flesh. The drug is called “bath-salts” and can make you delusional and it gives hallucinations, and on top of that, you can have the desire for human flesh. I was unable to find the name of the disease due to it’s extreme rarity. So, with all of that down, I would say that zombies could be possible, but fortunately i have to put this as…




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