Ghosts (Special Announcement Too!)

Ghosts. Everyone knows about them,tons have “seen” them, but are they truly real? Now before we begin, I would like to again say that I take all things in a scientific point and I don’t have a specific side I’m on. With that out of the way, let’s begin. Now, ghosts have some main characteristics. Firstly, there dead, second, they don’t any resources( ex: water, food, sunlight ), and finally, they’re not hurt able or intractable with. So, could something like this exist? Well, usually it would depend on religion, but lets follow the rules of science.

Well there’s an explanation for almost everything, but one theory actually supports ghost like beings. This theory is called Quantum Mechanics. According to the theory, micro tubules inside are brain, and these supposedly are used for quantum processing, a.k.a. our souls. It then says that the quantum information they hold is sent out of your body when you die to exist on. Now, it does sound far fetched, but you never quite know. So overall, most science proves it wrong, but a few still agree, but what about evidence?

Evidence of seeing, hearing, or even feeling a ghost is extremely hard  to prove, if possible to prove. With today’s equipment and software, it’s easily possible to create fake photos or to manipulate photos into looking like ghosts. Now, some could say not all are photo shopped or edited, but that’s impossible to prove and maybe eventually we will make a machine that can tell wrong from right, but until then we have no real evidence, just like the Shadow People, which i went over last time. So evidence is out of the question. So what can really prove ghosts are real?

Well, their not impossible to exist. In fact, Einstein’s rules show that ghosts could most definitely exist. In the book, “Ghosthunters” (2007, New Page Books) John Kachuba said “Einstein proved that all the energy of the universe is constant and that it can neither be created nor destroyed. … So what happens to that energy when we die? If it cannot be destroyed, it must then, according to Dr. Einstein, be transformed into another form of energy. What is that new energy? … Could we call that new creation a ghost?” So again, science shows they aren’t completely impossible.

So, overall, could these be real, or are they fake? Well at the moment, I think there possible, but before i say for sure, i want to do more research. So, I’ll be making this a two parted post. Next time, I’ll look into other legends and past monsters/myths to see if i can find some truth, and also do more research into how they might work.

Oh and i wanted to announce that a friend of mine just wrote a fictional book called “The Ghostly Girl” that involves ghost and other worldly spirits. (Along with some romance too) It’s a great book so it would be great if you would check it out. You can read it for free on Swoon Reads! Please rate and comment on it so it might have a chance to be published! It would mean a lot to me and my friend if you could go and read it. Here’s the link right now: The Ghostly Girl

Hope you like the book! Also, thanks for over 2000 views, as that means alot to me and i really appreciate it! Hope you liked the post and stay tuned for the next post!

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Einstein + Ghosts

Quantum Mechanics

Ghost Pics



Mylings otherwise known as utburd, are young kids or beings that were never baptized, therefore were never dug a real grave. So the story goes that if you were walking in a forest near a graveyard, you could be attacked by a myling. They would jump on your back and tell you to walk to a graveyard. The closer you got to the graveyard the heavier the myling would become. If you failed to make it to the graveyard, the myling would brutally kill you out of rag, but if you did reach the graveyard, you would have to dig a grave for it, then it would go in the grave and leave you be. Now, there is no real proof that mylings are real, no pictures or videos, but what’s odd is that the myling isn’t just in Scandinavian Folklore it’s also in Japanese Folklore, and Slavic Mythology. In Slavic it has two creatures that represent it, the Drekavac, and the Bukavac. The Drekavac is a creature that was unbaptized( similar to the utburd ) it usually is in the shape of a fox or a dog, but to have legs of a kangaroo. It will whisper to you when you walk past that you should baptize it, if you don’t it will let out a horrid scream and run away. The Bukavac is another version of the Myling. It tells of a creature that lives underwater in a lake or river and comes out at night and yells and screams and jumps on animals and people’s back and strangle them. Now, when reading this, I was intrigued. My last post talked about the brook horse which also lives underwater in rivers and lakes and comes out ad drowns people. I see that the Bukavac may be the Slavic version or the Brook Horse, which is odd as it also relates to the Myling. So there are many influences on the Myling, some even connecting to  the Brook Horse, but there is no real proof he exits making this one a….


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The Brook Horse

The Brook Horse, otherwise known as backahast, is a myth in Scandinavian Folklore. It tells of a beautiful white horse that would come out of the water. It would try and trick people to ride on it’s back into the river where it would then drown the rider. Another telling of the story is the “Halloween Horse”. It tells of a Grandmother and 4 kids. The kids want to go play on Halloween night, but the Grandmother warns them that evil creatures lurk on Halloween. The kids go out and play only to find a horse, so them and their friends get on the horse and play, but all good things must come to and end, and the horse drowns them in the nearby ocean. There are many more stories to tell but most of them are in Foreign languages that I can’t read.  Although there is no video or picture proof, I found these drawing of  the Brook Horse

.BrookH YearW

The right picture is a drawing of the Brook Horse by an old Scottish Artist, and the one on the left ( You may recognize ) is a picture from the game “Year Walk”. There is no proof  if  it’s real or not , making it a…



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