BEN Drowned

Although I don’t usually like to cover video game and lost episode creepypasta, I’m having a hard time finding any new creepypasta. Now trust me, there’s TONS of creepypasta, but alot of the good ones are buried over remakes and similar creepypasta, and with school and everything else, I just don’t have time. Though, one of my friends told me of a certain thing that I will definitely going to cover, but that’s in the future. So, I thought I would come back to one of the most famous creepypastas, Ben Drowned.

Now, I have covered ghosts in the past, including haunted games. Ghosts are a touchy subject, as there’s proof towards it, and then there’s proof against it. But anyway, let’s just skip the ghost part and go straight to reality. If this game is haunted, and if all this creepy stuff that isn’t programmed into the game, could the cartridge hold all of that? Sure, there are some very creepy things in Majora’s Mask, heck, someone could easily make a creepypasta about it, but when you add in all of these extra sprites, such as Ben’s face, the levitate and burst into flames move, and save files being brought back to life, could the n64 cartridge handle all of it? The answer is absolutely NO. The way n64 cartridges are made is that it’s not meant to hold anything more than what is originally put in there. And, with a little bit of research, Majora’s Mask has 64MB, or 64 Megabytes of data, the max a n64 cartridge could ever hold. So, how do all these other sprites fit in? Well, one might say that it’s just unused content from the game, but then there’s the catch. Since Majora’s Mask was such a huge game, they couldn’t have such luxuries, because they filled it to the brim with content. So the question remains, how does it work?

Well, sure, there’s video proof, and it’s pretty good too, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t just blatantly lieing to us. Yes, we can see in the videos that the content does in fact exist, but none of the videos shows him putting the cartridge in and the n64 booting up, or his dorm. And because we don’t see the actual n64. He could easily of hacked the cartridge, or be using an emulator. So no matter what, the story always seems to fall a little short. And so, I say this is…


It’s just not realistic and there’s no telling what he did. So as of right now, unless there is more proof I skipped over, this just ins’t right. Also, sorry on the late release date, as I was really trying to find a creepypasta to do, and so I had to use my last resort. Next post will be on the 5th so be looking forward to it!


Hacked/Haunted Games

I almost didn’t want to do this subject because there’s so many of them that there’s no real way to tell if its true or not considering that they mostly sound fairly real (Some are just so obviously fake it’s annoying though). Now, for this one I’ll take the most known one, BEN.Now the story goes that this guy buys a game off of a shady garage sale then h starts playing it and weird things happen to him. Now before we start debating, you have to take what side to debate. Now if your debating if the ghosts in the game are real, there’s quite a lot more to debate, but if you want to debate about if the games can be hacked or not, then let me stop you right there. See, hacked games are DEFINITELY real. I’ve even come across them! There’s tons and tons of hacked Pokemons, or Marios, and other games circulating around ebay and game shops. So, the fact that the game was hacked is no debatable matter, what is debatable is if ghosts are real or not. Well, this depends on your religion/beliefs, I personally don’t really know what to think, there’s so much bad stuff going around the internet  about ghosts an then there’s ghost stories that are believable, so I don’t have an opinion. Though I could go looking around that there’s proof of this, but there will always be more disproof about it too. S to clarify what a ghost is I looked it up. Now, it has four meanings, and only two of them  will help us . So it’s either a soul of person wandering around/haunting people or a spiritual being, I think #1 fits it. So the ghost in BEN does fit with  the definition, but are ghosts real? Well, sadly, that’s another topic waiting to be discussed (hint hint), so in the meanwhile,this is going to have to be…


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BEN Original Story

Pokemon Hacked Games

Definition Of Ghost


Obviously zombis aren’t real right now, if they were I wouldn’t writing this blog, but would it be possible for one? Well, first off, the thought of zombies is kinda crazy. I mean, you really think a person would come back from the dead just to eat brains? Now, zombies could be true though. Back in the old days, when a group of people wanted to scare of unwanted people in a town, they would  use a type of poison that could make a person unconscious for a couple of days, but after a couple of days they would “come back from the dead”. Crazy as it seems, all of that is true. That was most likely the thing that started the myth. Though, there are other thoughts. Some say that old witch doctors used a combination of puffer fish poison, frog legs, and a type of plant to bring a dead person back to life. Now, these studies have been tested and seen to almost bring the brain and veins back to life, but not the real person. Another major thing is that in most zombie games/movies, the zombies want flesh. It is not confirmed why this became part of the myth, but it could happen. There is a disease/drug that will actually make you go insane and want the taste of human flesh. The drug is called “bath-salts” and can make you delusional and it gives hallucinations, and on top of that, you can have the desire for human flesh. I was unable to find the name of the disease due to it’s extreme rarity. So, with all of that down, I would say that zombies could be possible, but fortunately i have to put this as…




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