The Brook Horse

The Brook Horse, otherwise known as backahast, is a myth in Scandinavian Folklore. It tells of a beautiful white horse that would come out of the water. It would try and trick people to ride on it’s back into the river where it would then drown the rider. Another telling of the story is the “Halloween Horse”. It tells of a Grandmother and 4 kids. The kids want to go play on Halloween night, but the Grandmother warns them that evil creatures lurk on Halloween. The kids go out and play only to find a horse, so them and their friends get on the horse and play, but all good things must come to and end, and the horse drowns them in the nearby ocean. There are many more stories to tell but most of them are in Foreign languages that I can’t read.  Although there is no video or picture proof, I found these drawing of  the Brook Horse

.BrookH YearW

The right picture is a drawing of the Brook Horse by an old Scottish Artist, and the one on the left ( You may recognize ) is a picture from the game “Year Walk”. There is no proof  if  it’s real or not , making it a…



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