Five Nights At Freddy’s

Five Nights At Freddy’s, if you don’t know, is a survival horror game. The story goes that you are a new night guard for Freddy Fazbears’ Pizzeria. And your job is to keep a watch on the roaming animatronics at night by using an assortment of cameras located around the pizzeria. Though, today I am not going to be talking about why and how the animatroncis came into existence or theories about it, I am just going to examine the robots and see if these animatronics could actually do everything that they do.

First thing I need to prove is could these robots be able to roam freely at night, with a mind of their own. Now, for a robot or animatronic to be able to roam freely like that would need special equipment to do that. The first thing they would need would be suitable walking legs that would support the rest of the animatronic. Now, this is set back in around 1988 to 1998, and for an animatronic to have that kind of machinery would be expensive, but not impossible. The robot would also need to have some way of being told how to walk. This could either be controlled remotely or by programming it into the robot’s system. And since this is before 2000, remote controlling the animatronic isn’t realistic, so you could guess that it was programmed into the robot. But, that would mean that someone would of had to of programmed the robots to move freely. So yes, they could, but it would take effort on the programmers part, and isn’t very realistic in general.

Another thing to point out is the one animatronic named Foxy. Foxy is a animatronic pirate fox, and in-game he can sprint and bang on your door. First of all, an animatronic running is highly unlikely. Nowadays, an animatronics can move faster, but again, were talking 16 – 30 years ago. To make such a animatronic that can run, and that can recognize doors, and to have an action programmed in so that it bangs on the door would not only be extremely expensive and very hard to make, Foxy has also been in disrepair for months due to an “accident”, and hasn’t been oiled or taken care of, making him the least eligible for running or even sprinting. And again, we go back to the problem of the price and effort, so it really wouldn’t make any sense.

Finally, how they are able to recognize other animatronics, or even have seeing capabilities themselves. So supposedly you are told that the animatronics may mistake you for a bare endoskeleton. Now, I’m not going to say it’s impossible, but that’s crazy technology for back then. Cameras weren’t very great, and if they were put in the animatronics they would be horrible. and this pizzeria is most likely low-budget and wouldn’t care enough to put cameras in the robots, so bascially, it’s just as unrealistic as the rest. And this isn’t even touching on why they would be programmed to recognize another animatronic and to put a skin on endoskeletons.

So, overall, while they could very well exist in this day an age, back then it was extremely unlikely and even if someone did want to, it would take huge amounts of effort, and really, who would want to do that? So, with everything in mind, I’m going to say…


In that day an age, it’s just not likely. Well, hoped you liked the new post! I’ll try to make one next month! Also, later I will be releasing some information I found regarding The Showers, who knows, maybe i was wrong about it being a hoax…

Till’ Next Time,