Cervine Birth

Now, not many know of this one, as it’s a more unread creepypasta, but basically, the story goes that a video artist that was studying in the UK uploaded his newest piece of artwork onto Youtube. The video shows a disturbed looking deer that seems to be blind giving birth to a humanoid like child in a pool of black tar like liquid. As disgusting as this seems, could it be true?

Now, as many know (Or should know) that people have crossbred species before, such examples include the Liger ( lion and tiger) and the Grolar Bear (grizzly and polar bear). And many others have been made. So, one would think that a deer/human breed wouldn’t be hard. But that’s where this story runs dry. The only reason these special creatures exist is because they were birthed by the same kinds of animal. The Liger is a mix of two big cats, the Grolar Bear is a mix of two kinds of bears. Humans and deers aren’t the same at all. A deer is a four legged herbivore, while a human is a two-legged omnivore. Our dna has no matches whatsoever. But, that still doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

Recently, Bio-engineers have been messing with human dna and mice dna. The result was a super smart mouse. It could solve harder mazes, understand more complicated orders and so on so forth. Now, as cool as it seems, even I wonder if these chimera creations are a good idea. Chimeras could become very overtaking, and could bring the fall of humanity. But that aside, could we do the same thing with a deer? Short Answer: Yes,  Long Answer: Yes, but not like cervine birth. We could take an embryo and make it a deer/human crossbreed, but we can’t put it back into a deer’s uterus and make it grow like it’s a non-artificial organism. And so, the answer has to be…


Maybe later in human technological developments, but for now, the best we could do is make it out of a lab. And besides, the video was most likely never existed, being as no solid copy of it can be found around the internet ( Maybe if you dug hard enough you could find it, but I’m not desperate to see a crossbred be born… ).

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