Back In Style ( Update )

Hello, to anybody reading this I’m very sorry. I was busy with school and forgot completely about the blog. Afterwards, I moved on to other hobbies, such as Game Development, Modding, And TF2 Trading. A couple of weeks ago, I was bored and remembered this blog. And after looking at it, and seeing the minor feedback I was getting. I thought about starting it back up. And I know in the past, when I announced certain release dates and blog post times, I never really followed through. But now that I’m not in school (at the moment), I can dedicate more time. So, Every 2 Weeks, I’ll release a post, a.k.a. two posts per month. If I don’t reach that quota one month, ill make it up in the next month. So, to kick it off I’ll have a cool new post coming up in an hour or two!

Till’ Next Time,


Side Note: We’re coming up on our 10,000 view special so keep on reading!


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