The Showers

Now, every once in a blue moon, you come across a really good creepypasta. Even rarer is one that’s actually believable. Today I’ll be covering one of those rarities. The Showers is a story about an odd mill somewhere in Kansas of Nebraska (Later on in the story it is revealed that it is Hastings, Nebraska). It’s told by an old student retelling a story his teacher told him on Halloween in high school. It’s told that he came across an old mill and found a cellar. So, being college students, they went into the cellar, only to find a twisting hallway. And at the end, they see a room filled with shower heads, leaking a strange liquid. Then, the lights turned off, and they were chased by children, and one of them even dies. So the kid decides to go himself, and actually finds it and has an experience similar to his teacher’s. Except this time only one kid is seen. Now, this story leaves much to the imagination, which is part of the reason it seems so true.

And so, after some research I was able to find a chat room discussing the topic. And in the midst of it, I was able to find a link to a search answers site and another chat room. The answer site only said it might be referenced in the  Shadowlands list of haunted places in Nebraska, but I only found reports of a haunted college and a haunted bridge. Though, the other chat room was interesting! It had a couple more links, and another link to the same search answers, but one thing stood out. One of the posters would just keep posting strange riddle like poems referencing the showers. And he always had vague hints hidden in them. So I thought I would look at his account, and the only activity he had done was posting those  comments. Now, yes, I know he was probably just a troller, or just somebody who needed some time to waste. But still, it intrigued me. So after that I decided to research it myself, but i was only able to find some more websites showing the same two hauntings over and over. So, sadly, there wasn’t much proof to back it up, really none at all.

So, after all the research, there really wasn’t anything to support it but some mysterious messages and some people claiming they live there and that they think it’s real. Now don’t get me wrong, it does sound extremely real and is very well-written, there’s just no info on it anywhere. Yes, it sounds real, and there’s not anything “out of this world” there’s not anything to back it up ( Kinda sounds like a really popular and very speculated game, hint hint ). So I’m going to have to put this one down as a…


Although I want to put this one as real, there’s just no proof. Even if your the most honest and trustworthy person in the world, if your lie has nothing to back it up, you just can’t believe it. And don’t be surprised if you see a certain pizzeria themed post coming soon!

Till’ Next Time,



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