Imagine another you, and try to interact with him. What you just “imagined” was a tulpa. Tulpas are almost like an imaginary friend, but take form of you. Now, this subject is very real and also very scary. Now, it’s no fact that tulpas can be real, the real question is, how real do you want them to be?

In the story, Tulpa, which I’ll give a link to at the bottom, the man’s tulpa goes out of control and takes over his life. Now the question is, is that possible? Well, it all depends on what you make it out to be. If you imagined that he took over your body and was evil, and you REALLY believed that, then that’s what will happen. Why you ask? Well, really, there is no tulpa, it’s just something you imagine, but, if you really think it’s real, then your brain will make it real. So basically, your tulpa isn’t taking you over, it’s just you thinking that and then acting it out.

So, you can see that the story is not odd at all! Well, the end may not be true, and I doubt this is a true story, it is pretty realistic when you think about it. Another thing that the story shows is habit. When the tulpa starts becoming evil, he trys to unimagine it, but he can’t because he’s so used to it. It would be like getting rid of you imaginary friend.The parents know it’snot good for them to have it, so they tell there kids to get rid of him, but some are so attached that they can’t.

So, this story is probably the most realistic one I’ve covered so far. I mean, if the ending wasn’t so unrealistic, I would of thought it was based on a true story. So, just remember, your imagination can lead to your biggest nightmares.

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