Ted The Caver

Now, I read the story and was personally intrigued by it. The story was actually very real sounding and interesting, so I decided to make a  post for it. Now, the story goes this man finds a cave that he starts exploring with his friend, and along the way, some weird things start to happen. So, first let’s see if there is any connections in real life.

Many things live in caves, but any real, threatening ones? Well, actually, there’s tons. Such as the Giant Bat-Eating Centipede, or maybe a troglodyte was living in that cave, a.k.a. a human that lives in caves (Probably not, but you never know.) But it isn’t impossible at all that something lived down in the cave. Another sign a human-like creature is probably down there is that there’s markings on the walls, that mean something. So what else is there that could help us find an answer?

Photos. Now, many times photos don’t mean anything, but in this story, they actually can help. The photos aren’t of something creepy or a suspicious place. No,they were of the cave itself, the holes they dug, and where they went. Another thing is, it was written 13 years ago. That’s A LONG time ago, and the story is still alive. So, really I have nothing against it. So, to wrap this up quick and easy, I’ll have to say, that this ones actually…


Thanks for reading! Oh, and if you want to read Ted’s Caving, be warned, it’s about as long as a book!

Ted’s Caving Page

Cave Creatures!



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