Shadow People

Ever look and see an odd shadow out of the corner of you eye, and wonder, what was that? Well, that’s supposedly a “Shadow Person”. Now, most skeptics or officials would probably say, “Oh, that’s just your imagination!” But is it really? I was reading up about hallucinations and discovered that they can only e made up of things you’ve seen/ heard before, which is odd, because you would have to of seen something like a ghost/shadow. I mean, you could look it up and you would probably find thousands of written documents of the things, so is something so mass really “just your imagination”? I mean, that would make hallucinations as common as stuffed-up noses. Which seems pretty unlikely.

So, if these things are supposedly real, what are they? Well, they could be a lot of things, such as a ghost, and evil spirit, or even a demon. Or maybe these things are just beyond our comprehension. Some things aren’t supposed to be solved in life, like how the universe was created (I’m talking from a scientific point of view.), or what came first, the chicken or the egg. Who knows, there might even be a scientific reason behind this too, like that there’s some odd rays coming from the sun that bend light and manipulate our dreams and vision together, (I’m just making this up). So this leaves us with one question…

Can they be proved real? Well, if it wasn’t for the times, myths would be MUCH more easier to solve. Because of Photoshop and other photo editing tools, they really is no way to believe anything really. No matter what you say or show, there’s no way to be sure unless everyone in the world witnessed it themselves. So, sadly I”m going to put this one down as…


For various reasons though. One, it really is almost impossible to prove real. Two, if I were to go deeper into the matter, I could go into ghosts, which I’m saving. And finally, I seriously don’t have enough time to go into research about this, as it would get very deep into hallucination causes, medical things, and I’m no doctor, so i wouldn’t really know what it all is.

Till’ Next Time,

Logan Beecher

P.S: Sorry i haven’t done any in the past 2 weeks, as I’ve been very busy testing. But from here out, i’ll notify you if i must take a break from blogging! Also, we’ve almost hit 2,000 views! Let’s keep going!


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