Eyeless Jack

Eyeless Jack is a classic story, and has so many copy offs it’s not even funny. Now, at first thought you might say, “Really? A kid who goes around with no eyes and eats kidneys? Seriously?”, but the story, to tell you the truth, could be real. You can read the backstory explaining how Jack came to be here: http://www.quotev.com/story/2830988/How-Eyeless-Jack-came-to-be/1/  and yes, it is original. So after knowing why he eats kidneys we need to if his friends were right about kidneys and how they can make your eyesight better. Well it says that eating kidneys actually helps keep your kidneys in good condition, odd right? But, it gets even weirder. Ok, so stay with me, but if you have Chronic Kidney Disease that it can affect your eyesight, yes I know, odd that all this fits together, even if it was a made up story. You can read proof of the “Chronic Kidney Disease Affecting Eyesight” Here: Eyesight + Kidneys . Then I read this and i almost crapped in my pants: Hallucinations . So now, you can see, it all fits. If a kid had Chronic Kidney Disease, has bad enough eyesight and had scary enough illusions, this could totally happen. Tough, it would be a very slight chance that something like this could happen, even less that a kid would so scared he would kill others, but it still is possible, I mean, think about all the proof, plus think about all the school shootings that have happened just because people thought it would be fun to kill people, if their minds were so easily twisted by just video games, who’s to say that these visions couldn’t have twisted a young, innocent boys mind. So now you can see, Eyeless Jack is…




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2 thoughts on “Eyeless Jack

  1. Ulzzang says:

    That’s actually not correct. I’m sixteen at I have 4 stage for kidney failure or ckd. The weakening of eyesight only happens to some. But it only happens if you have end stage failure or stage 4 but by the time you have this state kidney of failure your so weak, tried, and could died any moment. Kidney failure is something weakens you body so much that act of get up or getting proper sleep is impossible. It makes living very hard. So the eyeless jack being real is impossible because having kidney failure at that stage would end up him sleep about 12 hours a day and having a hangover feeling 24/7 which trust me all you want do is sleep and not go walking around stealing and kill people for kidney. :3

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