Smile Dog Revisited (1000 Views Special)

So, almost a year ago, I made this blog, and since then my most famous post is Smile Dog, so I read my post over and decided that I had only gone over the picture and not the fact that it might be possible for such a thing to exist.  Now before I start, I just want to let you know that this post is based off human knowledge, and even if it proves wrong, that it doesn’t mean that something like this is out there and us humans just don’t have any actual knowledge of such a being to be real, but that aside, let’s start.  So to first understand how such a thing could exist, we need to know the logic behind dogs. Now, smile dog may look creepy but let’s look at it for real. So, it’s a husky, who has a creepy smile and some devilish eyes. So what? Look at grumpy cat, he was just born to look like that, so could a husky be born to like kinda like this? Well, let’s take a look at some non-photoshopped images: download (5) images (2)ANIMALS-husky-upside-down-smile

Well, there you have it, sometimes dogs can look a little odd, but we still have the problem of the dog coming and killing you. Well, think about it, the government has specially trained dogs to go and kill enemies, if the government can do it, who’s to say that some creep trained his husky, who doesn’t look the nicest, to come and kill some dude, and it happened to be night and it scared the crap out of the dude. Again, this is one of those instances where there’s a extremely, extremely, small chance that someone would do that, but it’s the fact that it’s possible. Now to come to think of it, many creepypasta “could” happen. (Not to say Jeff The Killer was based of a newspaper article, no joke.) Now, you might say that no-one is going to do this kind of thing, much less send people and email telling them he would kill them with his dog if they didn’t  send it to someone else, but it could still happen. The chance of 1 out of 7 billion people find a 1 husky out of 400 million dogs, and the chance that he happens to decide to kill someone, well here’s the odd part, you have a 4% chance of killing somone in your life-time, but then you have some instances where you’d have to killsomeone, like if your at war, or if its a life or death situation. so that means you have either a 296000002 out of 7400000000 chance of this happening or a 7400000002 out of 7400000000 chance. Which technically means that it it’s over 100% for this to happen, which means this HAS to be…


Or if you take the 4% route, it’s


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Thanks guys for all your reads, and if you want to see my sources, here they are:

Chances Someone Gets Killed

Images of Huskies

Original Smile Dog Story


1000 Views Special

Hey guys, so, I just realized that we’ve reached over 1000 views!  So, in honor of 1000 views I’ll be doing ANOTHER post today about a re-look about Smile Dog! As Smile dog is my most viewed post and has gotten a lot of attention for my blog, so I thought I’d do a relook and research more into this odd dog with an unforgettable smile! Hope you like it!


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Eyeless Jack

Eyeless Jack is a classic story, and has so many copy offs it’s not even funny. Now, at first thought you might say, “Really? A kid who goes around with no eyes and eats kidneys? Seriously?”, but the story, to tell you the truth, could be real. You can read the backstory explaining how Jack came to be here:  and yes, it is original. So after knowing why he eats kidneys we need to if his friends were right about kidneys and how they can make your eyesight better. Well it says that eating kidneys actually helps keep your kidneys in good condition, odd right? But, it gets even weirder. Ok, so stay with me, but if you have Chronic Kidney Disease that it can affect your eyesight, yes I know, odd that all this fits together, even if it was a made up story. You can read proof of the “Chronic Kidney Disease Affecting Eyesight” Here: Eyesight + Kidneys . Then I read this and i almost crapped in my pants: Hallucinations . So now, you can see, it all fits. If a kid had Chronic Kidney Disease, has bad enough eyesight and had scary enough illusions, this could totally happen. Tough, it would be a very slight chance that something like this could happen, even less that a kid would so scared he would kill others, but it still is possible, I mean, think about all the proof, plus think about all the school shootings that have happened just because people thought it would be fun to kill people, if their minds were so easily twisted by just video games, who’s to say that these visions couldn’t have twisted a young, innocent boys mind. So now you can see, Eyeless Jack is…




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What Should I Focus On?

Well, in the meanwhile while I wait the votes come I’ll be posting some more, hopefully, but I’m not promising anything. Also, sorry I haven’t posted recently, I just have a lot going on in my life right now, but I will be posting one very soon, I can say that! So vote and we’ll see what the results are!

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