Herobrine is part of many legends in Minecraft, some say he’s Notch’s dead brother, other say he’s just a hacer, and some say its Notch himself spying on you. So as you can see, there is many different “forms” of herobrine, but the most populated one is him being Notch’s dead brother. Though Notch has hinted Herobrine is real, he also hints that he isn’t real. Now, before we go in depth, we need to know where he originated from.

    It all started with an odd post on an old minecraft forum, where an player named 4chan, where he included a picture and a story of what happened in his minecraft. He said that he had found 2×2 cobblestone tunnels, pyramids, and redstone torches placed randomly about the map. Afterwards, a player named “Copeland” on Brocraft streamed a video were he re-textured a door to look like Herobrine, which creeped out many viewers and really started the whole “Herobrine” thing. Then a player named “Patimuss” made another stream with Herobrine in it, and he later posted that it was a fake, which Copeland did not like, so he posted this: http://ghostinthestream.net/him.html , which creeped out many viewers and kept the whole “Herobrine” thing going. So after awhile, herobrine gained popularity and became a meme, which propelled people to create many mods for Herobrine, including: Herobrine Mod, More Herobrines, etc. 

    Now, with all these mods and fake stuff, this propelled people even farther, with trying to hack and put Herobrine in the game for real. Though all have failed, there still are mods which you can download to stimulate the experience. So with all that covered, it shows how something so popular can almost seem real, though it may not be real. So as you can see Herobrine sadly is NOT real. It has been confirmed by Mojang that Herobrine was never added into the game and is just a myth. Though Herobrine is currently not in the game, it doesn’t mean that later he won’t be added in. Well with all that, I think we can say that Herobrine is…



(For now at-least…)


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Hey guy, just wanna let you all know that all today and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be posting a whole lot of posts! Including,but not limited to: “Herobrine”, “BEN”, “Ted Caving”, and MANY More! So see ya guys!