Ununpentium – Element 155


Image (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As many people know, in Call Of Duty: Zombies, there is an element that is called 155 and is supposedly the main source of the zombies. Which was originally thought as a made up element ¬†until more research was done into it and was found that a element called Ununpentium, the 155 element added to the periodic table of elements. It was originally ¬†found by a group of Russian scientists in 2003, but wasn’t added to the perdiotic table of elements until 2004. Not much is known about this odd element, but we do know that it has a VERY small life, only 200 ml. Though what makes it odd is that it was found by Russian scientists, which is odd because Richthofen, the “Russian” Scientist is the one that makes the zombies. Although its a metal, it doesn’t seem to have any odd factors about it. Except for the fact that it isn’t just used in Call Of Duty, it’s also used in the series X-COM, Tomb Raider, and in several other Tv Shows. Which is odd, why would so many Games, Shows, and others use ununpentium, maybe its because its such an uncommon element, maybe they just randomly picked it, or maybe there’s something more, maybe the government is hiding something, and maybe all these Shows and Games are telling us something, trying to tell us that this element has more to it than meets the eye. Who know’s, for all we know it could possibly make zombies, or power Ufo’s or be used to create powerful guns. For right now, ununpentium will still remain a…




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